Future World Champion Anthony Fowler & CBD

Future World Champion Anthony Fowler & CBD

CBD is being hailed as the go to supplement by athletes from around the world and one of our ambassadors Anthony Fowler is no exception.

Anthony fowler is a light middleweight professional boxer with a record of 7-0 with a very impressive 6KOs. Anthony competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics as well as winning gold at the 2014 commonwealth games. He also won bronze at the world and European championships in a amateur career of 209 fights with 190 wins.

Anthony tells us of his gruelling training regime which takes a big toll on his body. He is required to be at his best mentally and physically all of the time in and out of the ring. He has stated that he looks for the best ways to help him achieve his goal by maintaining his peak fitness through nutrition and supplements.

He first heard about CBD after he disclosed to a friend certain problems he had managing such as, recovery from training, sleeping and other ailments. His friend recommended the product as he had suffered with similar issues and it helped him. Willing to try anything that might aid his mission and make it easier he went on to do his own research and was very encouraged and optimistic by what he found.

Anthony has gone on to say, “Since using CBD I have found that my recovery has been so much quicker and less painful. I have suffered less aches and I have never slept better. I can’t recommend this product enough. This is my go to product and a staple part of my training program. I credit CBDVaperus ltd in sponsoring me and was proud to become an ambassador for the company”.

You can follow his Journey on instagram @afowler06 or checkout his website www.anthonyfowler.com


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