87% CBD Wax Crumble


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87% CBD Wax Crumble

87% CBD Crumble
Also contains CBG, CBD and only 0.1% THC

(To be used in edibles, Wax Vaporisers,  Smoked in a pipe or mixed with tobacco)




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High Concentrate Full Spectrum 87% CBD Wax Crumble.

Also contains CBG, CBD and only 0.1% THC


CBD’s Crumble is a smooth and richly textured pure isolate wax, providing a highly-concentrated dose of CBD (87% CBD). The carefully extracted CBD content is combined with added terpenes to insure the full health benefits of the Entourage Effect. This crumble’s deliciously fragrant terpene profile includes linalool and humulene, making it one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to introduce powerful cannabinoids directly to the body’s Endocannibinoid System. Favored for its quick absorption rate, this crumble offers concentrate users a flexible and pleasing way to receive the many health benefits of CBD.

This is the first official crumble concentrate available in the UK and has the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and healthy fatty acids. The moment you open the container you can enjoy the incredible scent of terpenes naturally found in the proprietary blend of high CBD hemp used to create this product. The floral aromatics and colours are that of the actual strain used.

The application of the crumble is comparable to a high potency THC dab that are growing in popularity in the USA. With our crumble, it’s high in CBD and no THC. Perfect for customers seeking the benefits of CBD but do not want to partake in THC consumption or those who wish to introduce CBD into their recreational use to create a better balance of cannabinoids. The crumble can also be used in edibles or added to tobacco when smoking.

All THC content is within the UK legal Limit

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